CHARLESTINE restores vintage TSF radios from the 1930s to '50s and updates them with a Bluetooth connection. During this process of modernization, traditional working methods of cabinet makers, carpenters, and electro-acousticians are involved. CHARLESTINE's mission is to revive the vintage polish of these historical objects and to allow them to regain their former glory by strengthening carpentry, replacing missing decorative pieces, and restoring torn fabrics. The entire process is done by hand with care in the CHARLESTINE workshop. After the restoration is finished, an up-to-date audio system is integrated into the radios (including a broadband speaker and a connected amplifier), in order to connect a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, and the like. All electronic components of the system are selected to combine sound quality and low power use: Class D amplifier, Bluetooth 4.0 module and LED lighting. Each piece is unique and has an own history - some even have transmitted coded messages during the War, while others have played the preview of the Hymn to Love.