El In-perfecto

El In-perfecto is comprised of a Roman archaeologist specialized in Arab culture, a fashion designer trained in Barcelona and Florence, and a publicist who specializes in marketing and communication. These three lovers of decoration, design (especially Midcentury style) and art, decided to undertake an adventure to share their passion and secrets they uncover in their travels around the world. El In-perfecto strives to bring the essence of each of these places through original pieces that fill their space, believing in the unique and unrepeatable pieces, the savoir-faire of yesteryear, the handmade, the noble woods, the kitsch, and above all in the idea of recovering those treasures of the past to impose them on our present. Their philosophy is to provide value, quality, design, and personality to all the spaces they decorate. Their website is a small showcase of some of the pieces that can be found in the store, which is located in Santiago de Compostela. Their collection includes mainly Midcentury Scandinavian design as well as lighting and decorative objects such as ceramics, vases, and mirrors among others.