Flatland Design

Flatland Design originated when owners Esther and Maurice combined their already substantial design collection in 2013. Their love for mid-century modern furniture evolved into a well-balanced collection of unique and hard to find collectibles which span from the early twenties up until the end of the 20th Century. Well crafted pieces from the Scandinavian, Dutch, Italian, and Brazilian modern period meet in their gallery. Their dedication to detail means that they restore all pieces to a very high standard, enabling the item to be placed directly in its intended setting.

All this results in a high-quality collection with pieces from the likes of Sergio Rodrigues, Jean Gillon, Folke Ohlsson, Hans WegnerYngve Ekström, Peter Hvidt, Nanna Ditzel, Rob Parry, Gerrit Rietveld, Martin VisserKho Liang Ie, Pierre Paulin and Charlotte Perriand amongst many others.