Glossary Depot

Founded in 2012 by Nadya Timova, Glossary Depot is a spacious boutique that specializes in vintage furniture. Located in Sofia, Bulgaria, the creation of Glossary Depot was initially linked to the idea of a unified art space where furniture from different ages could seek a coexistence with contemporary design through a series of contemporary art and furniture exhibitions, which aimed to help the audience and their clients expand their insights into the home and work environment. Gradually, however, Glossary Depot decided to concentrate its attention and efforts entirely on sourcing vintage furniture. The majority of Glossary Depot's collection is sourced from France. Timova's own interest in vintage furniture began in 2006 when she lived and worked in Paris. For Timova, the activity of discovering interesting and original furniture is the most inspiring part of her work. She currently lives and works in both Sofia and Paris.