Hands and Lands

Hands and Lands is a unique Spanish brand that was founded by sisters Sheila and Silvia Gómez Moreno. Coming from fashion design and commercial management backgrounds, respectively, Sheila and Silvia Gómez Moreno had long been enthusiastic travellers and appreciators of international craft traditions and artisanal practices. Gradually, their love for global craftwork developed into a special passion for the handcrafted carpets and cushions of the Berber tribes of Morocco. The Gómez Morenos were fascinated by the way that each piece encapsulated the specific histories and customs of its place of origin—and, naturally, they were captivated by the artistic expression and beauty of the pieces; the small imperfections attesting to the handcrafted artisanal methods. After a year of extensive research, negotiation, and planning, Hands and Lands was officially founded in August 2016, located in Barcelona. The company name refers to the questions; whose hands created this masterpiece, and what lands do they come from?

Hands and Lands specializes in contemporary carpets with custom designs, developed in collaboration with the Beni Ouarain tribe in Morocco. The bold black and white design of the gorgeous Hamma 100% wool, hand-knotted carpet, for example, was created by Sheila Gómez and produced in Morocco. The Hands and Lands co-founders also travel regularly through Morocco, bringing back individually selected vintage carpets and cushions of the highest quality. Hands and Lands works with private collectors, hotels, and interior designers throughout Europe and around the world. The gallery has showrooms in Barcelona and Girona, Spain.