Memo Brasil

One of the foremost design galleries in Brazil, the Mercado Moderno has been a key player in the recent global reappraisal of and newfound appreciation for modern Brazilian furniture. After two decades of ostracism, there came a historical revisiting of the work produced in this vein between the 1940s and the 1970s, a moment which coincided with the gallery’s 2001 founding. Much of its collection was acquired at auction from old companies, sales at which few pieces were highlighted and there was little notion of value. The enterprise called for arduous investigative work; getting in touch with designers, heirs, and specialists; in exchange, it offered the team the exhilaration of turning up small treasures every day. Founding partners Alberto Vicente and Marcelo Vasconcellos have recorded, expanded, and disseminated the knowledge they have acquired along the way, organising and supporting the publication of some key works on Brazilian vintage furniture. Whether at its sprawling Lapa house or its Ipanema showroom, both in Rio de Janeiro, the gallery continues to welcome design aficionado clients, architects, interior designers, and collectors, who appreciate a unique array of furniture, one-of-a-kind pieces and rare objects.