·TO·DO Modernist and Vintage Furniture

·TO·DO is a catchall space where a curated selection of furniture and decorative items find a home. Each design is meticulously selected and has a unique historical significance. Located in Milan, ·TO·DO is the brain child of Davide Loddo, an eclectic interior designer who spends most of his days hunting high and low for “beautiful things it would be a pity to waste”. After studying architecture and interior design, Davide began working in the studio of the world-renowned designer Paola Navone. While working on a range of projects, he developed a passion for the choice of textures and materials, in combination with a strict attention to minute details. After six years at Navone’s studio, he began working as a freelancer in the world of fashion, interior design, and communication, specializing in interiors, furniture, and art direction. During this time, he established his lifestyle design project, known as ·TO·DO, which is dedicated to research and consulting in the field of modernist and vintage furniture.