Andrea Scholze

Oslo, Norway

Andrea Scholze is a Norwegian artist and designer who was born in Oslo in 1988. She began her studies at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in 2011, completing first a Bachelor of Fine Arts then, in 2016, a Master of Fine Arts specializing in Medium and Material based Art. She established her eponymous studio that same year in Oslo, where she continues to live and work.

Scholze works sculpturally and on installation pieces, primarily using ceramics. Her sculptural and figurative works tend towards an organic aesthetic, seeking to capture form and motion rather than achieving polished, static, perfection. Her design pieces incorporate experimentation with other materials such as concrete, metal, acrylic, and glass, which offer a strong juxtaposition to the soft, impressionable nature of the clay. In design circles, Scholze is known particularly for her creative and quirky lighting. Black Sun (2014), just as the name suggests, is a large black disc that is backlight to create an effect, not unlike a static solar eclipse. Another example is Lighting Object (2016); a large, yellow-tinted orb light, encased in the artist-designer's trademark hand-molded ceramic. Scholze’s talent has been recognized by the Norwegian establishment, with the young creative receiving a competitive government arts grant in 2017.

Scholze’s work has been acquired by the National Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Trondheim, Norway for the museum’s permanent collection, and in 2015, a collection of seven sculptural works was purchased by KORO on behalf of the Buskerud county in Norway. The sculptures have since been installed in a school, where they are permanently displayed. Scholze has exhibited at TRESOR, Basel (2017); the Collective Design Fair, New York (2016); as part of the Talente showcase in Munich (2015); and at the National Museum, Oslo (2013), amongst others.