Artful casacontemporanea

Casalmorano, Italy

Chic, playful, and with a strong commitment to Italian manufacture and design history, household objects and accessories from Artful Casacontemporanea are infused with a calming warmth.

Artful Casacontemporanea was established in 2017 in Casalmorano near Cremona, in the Lombardy region of Italy. Inspired by the “less is more” approach of Mies van der Rohe, the three tenets of each of their designs are “functionality, beauty, and emotion.” Each piece fulfills this triad of effects due to their intelligently rendered forms, and consequent versatility.

Their Modo coat hook resembles an abstract sculpture; a large wooden circle, in beech, foregrounds a horizontal diameter and hosts two smaller wooden slats, which diverge via a metal bracket from its base. Mounted on a wall, its structure offers unexpected and various points of support and can hold an array of clothing items in different configurations. There is something delightfully nautical about the end result, like a ship’s wheel. The Brillo set of coasters offers a delightful combination of design and play. With the coasters mounted on a spinning top, it ensures conviviality among friends. Inspired by the game of spin-the-bottle, it offers the opportunity to decide who will make the coffee or bring the cake, due to an engraving on its surface. The containers produced by the studio, meanwhile, offer elegant storage solutions for small household objects. The Tasco is a beautifully neat, minimalist piggy bank for loose change, while the Low Duo container, made of ceramic and surrounding soft woven fabric, can be separated to create two distinct receptacles. The Fiamma candle holder, meanwhile, contains a scented candle in white musk and jovially depicts a playfully abstracted sculpture of its content in its ceramic body and wooden lid, topped by a plump wooden flame.

Artful Casacontemporanea’s stockists include the Triennale Bookshop in Milan, Ruaconfettora in Brescia, Interni Bonneti in Turin, and Dossena Arredamenti in Cremona. A young company, with a strong focus on contemporary lifestyle requirements, they aim to provide both purpose and positive emotional value, containing within “a sensation… a smile, a way of life.”