Stuttgart, Germany

The Gutedort textile design studio was founded in Stuttgart, Germany in 2014 by designers Eva Schlechte (born in Munich, 1987) and Jennifer Hier (born in Roth, Germany in 1985). The studio is located in the kitchen of the city’s former Mercedes Benz factory. Gutedort’s work embraces natural materials and traditional processes to create unexpected design pieces characterized by uncommon appearances of beauty.

Projects include Hidden Beauty/Inner Skin (2014), a jewelry and accessories collection composed of offal; as well as Krautfarben (2014), a project that uses red cabbage and anthocyanin dye to consider the transience of color. As of this writing, Gutedort has exhibited its work at Dutch Design Week, (2014), Object Rotterdam (2015), Munich Jewelry Week (2015), and Ventura Lambrate in Milan (2015).

The pair met as students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, and collaborated on a few projects while still in school, including Hidden Beauty/Inner Skins. Hier studied product textile design at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences between 2006 and 2008, before going on to the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, from where she graduated with a diploma in textile design in 2014. In 2012, while still a student, Hier interned for Studio Formafantasma in Eindhoven. Schlechte began her studies in 2007 at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, interning at both the Icelandic fashion brand Mundi in Rejkjavik (2010) and Raymisa, a fair trade organization in Lima, Peru (2012). She graduated 2013 with the diploma in textile design. Hier and Schlechte began working together as freelancers in 2010, designing and selling textile designs; the studio was formally established after their graduation.