Lex Pott

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Lex Pott was born in 1985 in Hilversum, in the northern region of the Netherlands. He completed his education at the Design Academy Eindhoven, in the Man and Living department, graduating in 2009. Pott gained experience working as a freelance designer at JongeriusLab in Utrecht and Scholten & Baijings in Amsterdam, before founding his own studio in 2009 in Rotterdam. He has also been a guest teacher at the Sandberg Instituut, an art and design school in Amsterdam.

Pott’s aesthetic is focused on the elemental nature of the materials he uses; predominantly wood, stone, and metal. He likes to engage with the materials in an intuitive manner, exploring the potential of the raw materials and how they are impacted by natural processes and design interventions. In his Transcience (2015) mirror series, for example, the natural process of oxidization is controlled and manipulated to create astonishingly exact, geometric patterns in lush colors ranging from a light gold to a deep purple across the mirror's surface. The series was a collaboration with David Derksen and was produced by Transnatural. Another standout project is the Fragments (2015) series—commissioned by The Future Perfect, one of the world’s leading contemporary design galleries—encompassing tables, shelving, and smaller objects. Each piece is partially hewn from raw stone and marble offcuts to provide a sharp visual and haptic contrast between the unprocessed, natural rock and the precision-shaped, highly polished surfaces of human intervention.

Pott’s impeccable and innovative work has garnered the young designer considerable attention. He was named the No. 1 Design Talent in the Netherlands by Volkskrant in 2015 and was the winner of the Young Talent Pin selected by Linteloo in 2014, as well as winning the AUPING Styling Award public prize in 2012. He has also been nominated for a host of awards, including the MINI Young Designer Award in 2013 and the D3 contest at IM Cologne the same year. Pott’s exhibition history includes numerous showings at Milan Design Week, Design Days Dubai, The Future Perfect in New York, Curio Design Miami in 2015, Dutch Design Week, Aram Gallery in London, and at the in Paris, amongst numerous others. Pott lives and works in Rotterdam.