Studio B Severin

Berlin, Germany

Founded shortly after the graduation of Birgit Severin from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2013, and later joined by Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo in 2015, Berlin-based Studio B Severin is known for their conceptual and material-research driven approach. The German-French duo continuously search for inspiration, finding it in the intricacies of life, death, and decay. Believing in the value of concepts, their work investigates how things acquire meaning through being involved in personal and cultural aspects of life. They are moved by the arts and through exploring and analysing everyday experiences and activities, and translating them into objects with an otherworldly spirit.

Birgit Severin graduated with a Masters of Psychology in Cognitive Neuroscience from Maastricht University in 2008 before turning to design. She later obtained a Master’s in Contextual Design from Design Academy Eindhoven. In addition to her work as a designer, she also organizes workshops and teaches design at GUC Berlin--German University in Cairo and HTW Berlin.

Guillaume Neu-Rinaudo obtained his Bachelor’s in Product design from the Design School of Nantes in 2007 before completing a Master of Social Design from the Design Academy Eindhoven.  After first founding his own studio in Paris he moved to Berlin in 2015.

Notable projects include Heimat, a series of ceramic lampshades that explore the analogy of memories using traditional firing techniques; Design Impressionism (2018), which is an exploration of 19th century glass production; and Vanitas, a collection of rubber vases using 3D printed molds.  

Both Severin and Neu-Rinaudo have exhibited their work at design fairs and galleries around the world.