Purho was founded by Andrea Dotto in 2012 with the ambition of merging the traditional craftsmanship of hand-blown Murano glass with the tastes and aesthetics of contemporary design.

Achieved in an artful symphony of color, iridescence, and transparency, Purho works with a carefully chosen selection of exemplary designers. The brand presents a collection of vases, lighting pieces, glasses, and bowls that celebrate a dance between the light that the translucence of glass allows and vibrant pops of color in hues of orange, blue, red and pink.

Based on the notion of creating ‘fairy-tale’ objects that are realized by master glaziers in Murano, Purho’s pieces may be functional but they could also easily be perceived as works of art. The vases by Karim Rashid, in particular, look like sculpturesshining feats of balance, color, and form. And while each piece created by Purho is a fine example of serious Italian craftsmanship, they also exude a lightness, sense of fun, and charm.