Specimen Editions

Paris, France

Founded in 2010 by Alaric Miaume, Tristan Pannier, and Etienne De Crouy, Specimen Editions is a daring French design company dedicated to editing limited and unlimited handcrafted furniture and decorative objects designed by today's most forward-thinking talents. Designers in the company's catalogue include Sylvain Rieu-Piquet, Guillaume Delvigne, Olivier Grégoire, Constance Guisset, and Nendo, to name a few. Each eye-catching yet functional Specimen piece is an exercise in material experiementation, exploring the fine and the mundane, spanning marble, glass, cork, carbon, felt, concrete, and paper. 

Standout pieces to date include the felt and fiberglass Foldchair (2010) by French designer Olivier Grégoire, the cork and glass Deneb collection by French designer Guillaume Delvigne, and the concrete and wire Weight Vases (2011) by Thai designer Decha Archjananun.   

 Specimen Editions has bases in both Paris and L.A.