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By Ambra Medda

On our recent visit to Nilufar, gallerist Nina Yashar was looking splendid as ever in an eye-catching, colorful outfit—complete with golden shoes and blue-feathered headband. The show at the gallery, appropriately entitled Even More, masterfully combined major historic pieces with new works by contemporary designers. Exceptional examples of furniture and lighting by Gio Ponti, Jean Royère, Venini, Pietro Chiesa, and André Sornay were juxtaposed with fresh work by Lindsey AdelmanBethan Laura Wood, Martino Gamper, and, yes, even more.

the wonderful Nina Yashar The wonderful Nina Yashar

Nina's use of color was bold and fabulous throughout, and she used it to create microcosms throughout the different levels of the gallery. Even More is just one of a few shows that Nilufar has participated in for Salone (the others being Residenze Porta Nuova, a Nilufar-decorated home; Nuovi Laghi D'Italia; and Il Design Italiano Oltre Le Crisi at the Triennale Design Museum), and every one is definitely worth seeing if you're in town.

Roberto Giulio Rida and Bethan Laura Wood Roberto Giulio Rida and Bethan Laura Wood

Roberto Giulio Rida and Bethan Laura Wood Roberto Giulio Rida and Bethan Laura Wood

Jean Royere Jean Royere

Gio Ponti Gio Ponti

Giacomo Ravagli Giacomo Ravagli

Flavio Favelli Flavio Favelli

Lindsey Adelman Lindsey Adelman

Nilufar Gallery: via della Spiga, 32 - 20121 Milano

*Photos courtesy of Ambra and Nilufar Gallery (photographed by Ruy Teixeira)

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