Discover Anja Lehne’s curated collection of rare and unconventional finds for a unique home

Interior Designer's Pick of the Month

“I’ve always known I wanted to be an interior designer. It took me years to build up the self-confidence I needed to start my own business. When I finally did, things started to take off fast,” said Anja Lehne when we first sat down to collaborate on her collection for Pamono.

Anja was born into a textile family in Hamburg that traveled the world in constant search of inspiration. She has always been fascinated with the ways other people lived, the colors and comforts they surrounded themselves with, and how design affected their perception of life itself.

“When I take on a new project, I am always looking to create something special: a personal space that truly reflects the owner’s personality, habits, and comforts of living. It is impossible to create that unique feeling using only new, flashy furniture and decorative items. It is the collision of various aspects that some refer to as the personal touch.“

Consumed by her love for eclecticism, Anja finds fascination in the ability to source pieces from all over the world, bringing a breath of fresh air into all her projects.

“That’s exactly why I love working with PAMONO. It allows me to find rare and unconventional pieces from the comfort of my living room. I would have to travel all over Europe or, at best, browse endless flea markets and vintage shops to see a similar variety of decorative items, objects of curiosity, furniture, and my personal favorite - lighting.”

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