Alla Carta interprets Jans Praet

Dressed Stool

By Alla Carta Magazine

Alla Carta contributes food-related posts to Pamono. This week, they're interpreting one of our favorite pieces.


Alla Carta's Dressed Stool

Art Direction by: Yara De Nicola and Leandro Favaloro

Gallery: Alla Carta

Materials: White bread, rye bread, and pizza dough

Dimensions: 32x25x20

Jen Praet's Dressed Stool

Dressed Stool by Jens Praet from his Dressed series

  • Produced by

    • Alla Carta Magazine

      Alla Carta Magazine

      Alla Carta approaches food as an incentive to take a bite of diverse cultural phenomena. We are intrigued by the meal's convivial capacity, and have found food to be an essential element for sharing thoughts, opinions and creative ideas.

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