Claire Lavabre's seductive Reflets is at once transparent and reflective

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Inspired by personal studies of reflection—a tree on the surface of a lake, or one's face in the window of a train car—French designer Claire Lavabre  designed Reflets, a mirror installation that is simultaneously reflective and transparent. Composed of a specially treated, highly reflective sheet of glass and a simple, wooden frame, Reflets works best when placed in front of a dark, painted shape on a wall. Where the glass crosses the painted form, it creates a clearer reflection; without the darkened background, it's more transparent. The reflection is subject, of course, to the movement of the viewer.

Lavabre was born and raised in the south of France, and presently works as a freelance designer in Paris. Reflets debuted at Design Parade in Hyères, France in 2013; currently, only the prototype exists. Lavabre is looking for a gallery or design editor to help her expand the project. As she says, "I like the idea of creating something that connects one to his environment."

Reflet-(02) Photo © Felipe Ribon

Reflet-(03) Photo © Felipe Ribon

Reflet-(04) Photo © Felipe Ribon

Reflet-(05) Photo © Felipe Ribon

Reflets_Palais_01_Claire-Lavabre Photo © Claire Lavabre

*All images courtesy of Claire Lavabre.

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