Italian designers Andrea Trimarchi, born in 1983, and Simone Farresin, born in 1980, work together under the name Formafantasma. The pair’s collaboration began while in they were studying for their B.A.s in communication design, and their passion for product design flourished as they pursued the IM Master's course at the Design Academy Eindhoven. The duo graduated in 2009 with a combined thesis focused on traditional Sicilian folk craft. They continued to live and work in Eindhoven until 2014, when they relocated to Amsterdam. 

Formafantasma’s designs consider a diverse set of issues, including the relationships between traditional, local, and global cultures; the relationship between man and nature; and the role of design in folk craft. In their shared love of and investigation into craftsmanship, Formafantasma has explored 18th- and 19th-century techniques and materials, and consistently experimented with unusual media, from bread and sea sponges to salmon skin and fur.