Hubert Bodner crosses boundaries between art and design

In his own words

A film-maker in the past, and a design addict and interior storyteller at present, Hubert created his studio – Hubert Bodner Interiors - to interpret memories and create dreams, all whilst keeping every project unique. Their work is a quest for deep substance and warmth, which only makes sense when you look at the interiors they create. Full of point of view and an undeniable understanding of beauty and balance, Hubert Bodner Interiors’ work makes it all the more difficult to take your eyes off of it.

Taking a spin on our classic style of interview, this time we present to you Hubert, In his own words: a designer that pushes boundaries between art and design, between fashion and architecture.

On design as an addiction

I have been a filmmaker most of my life. So I was always reacting to stories and people with a soul. Later on as a designer, it became my passion to find a soul in things. It is the special aura and uniqueness of an old piece of furniture that draws my attention. Looking for something that excites me, that I am craving for. There are forms that are perfect in themselves and cannot be surpassed. Good design always gives me great pleasure. Therefore I love the hunt for furniture, which is emotionally charged.

On Vienna as an inspiration hub

Vienna, so to speak, was the laboratory of modernism. Always ahead of their times, Otto Wagner and Adolf Loos became the masterminds of the Vienna secession movement. Their visionary works were defined by minimalism, fine materials and solid craftsmanship. That is also what makes good design today. Design lovers visiting Vienna will also find plenty of Loos buildings to watch here, as well as traces of Richard Neutra and Josef Frank.

On serenity as a tool for design

Coziness is always the first and foremost wish of my clients. Therefore all furniture pieces are tested in seating comfort and seating height before considered. A certain nonchalance and informality is key.

On why comfort is key

Feel-good ambiances require a strong sense of usability. Form ever follows function.

On his signature touch

Every time I work, I strive for soulful, simple, and timeless.

On his signature project, House by the Lake

Following the law of sacred proportions, as always when furnishing, scale matters. The idea was to find a piece, both sculptural and cozy to fit a family of six at the same time. Accompanying the setting, I had to design the perfect wavy couch table, emanating intimate light from its frosted glass top and underlining the curves of the arched windows.

On his exclusive collection for PAMONO

My inspiration to pick a piece, or not pick a piece, always depends on the quality of the design. The undiscovered and hidden is my passion. Good design stands the test of time! The better a design, the more simple it is. And suddenly it turns into art and a must-have. Sometimes it takes a second look to spot the uniqueness of a piece. Then magic happens.

On the importance of lighting

The lighting design is crucial to forge a particular atmosphere. You can design wonderfully with light . How do I light a scene ? It’s similar to how I make a film. We strive to generate emotions and define a new kind of poetics of space. Through light I create the dramaturgy in which the residents move. Today many things are technically feasible, every lighting mood at the push of a button, whereby natural light is the most beautiful after candlelight perhaps.

And finally, his best design advice

Follow your instincts and buy things that have value. It is all the more important to curate things for yourself and to question them more often. According to the motto less is more, quality first!

You can now shop Hubert’s exclusive PAMONO collection below.

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