Josef Hurka

Czech Republic

There is very little verifiable information available on the Czech designer Josef Hůrka, however it is known that he designed lighting - including desk and table lamps, as well as floor and ceiling lights - for the manufacturers Drupol, Napako, and Lidokov. His career spanned almost four decades, but one of his early collaborations, with lighting manufacturer Napako (NÁstrojaři-PAsíři-KOvotlačitelé), proved to be the most fruitful. His lamps appear in bright colors and take on geometrical and angular forms. Designs for Napako include a UFO-shaped, Bauhaus inspired ceiling light (1930s); the Model 1618 Table Lamp (1954), which features a height adjustable cylindrical shade on a tripod base; the Model 1633 Table Lamp (1950s); the Model 0513 Table Lamp (1950s), which has a conical tin-lacquered shade; and for Drupol the Model 21616 Table Lamp (1963).