Niels Koefoed

Hornslet, Denmark

Danish furniture designer and factory owner Niels Koefoed created a wide range of dining room furniture in the typical Danish modern style during the mid-century period.

Named after the town it was located in, the furniture factory Koefoeds Hornslet was founded by Koefoed’s father Einar Koefoed in the 1920s. The town of Hornslet boasted three furniture producers in the late 20th-century, each specializing in different areas of the design industry: fine furniture, upholstery, and cabinetry. Koefoeds Hornslet was dedicated to producing fine furniture, although Niels’ most popular designs were dining room chairs .

In 1964, Koefoed designed the modernist Eva Chair, which featured three vertical slats on the back rest, and was produced by Koefoeds in a choice of teak or rosewood. Eventually, rosewood was phased out, replaced by cherry. The Eva Chair was part of a series of three dining chairs, the other two being the highly-organically shaped Ingrid Chair (1960s) and the ladderback Lis Chair (1961), all of which are believed to have been named after important women in Koefoed’s life, Ingrid being Koefoed’s daughter. The Peter Chair (1957) is thought to have been named after his son.

In 2004, Koefoed Hornslet moved production to Thailand, where it continues today. Although a number of Koefoed’s mid-century designs are produced by furniture manufacturer Casø, it is the original mid-century era productions that are in great demand on the vintage market.