Given the popularity of vintage Cado shelving units and other pieces of furniture, it is surprising that so little information about the Danish manufacturer’s history survives.

Cado began as modernist furniture producer France & Søn, which was founded by British entrepreneur Charles W. France and Danish cabinetmaker Eric Daverkosen circa 1948 in Denmark (originally named France & Daverkosen after its founders). The company entered a new phase when successful Danish designer Poul Cadovius (1911-2011) took ownership sometime between 1964 and 1967. The iconic Senator Chair (1951) by Ole Wanscher—along with a number of designs by Grete JalkFinn Juhl, and Arne Vodder—continued to be produced by Cado into the late 1960s.

Cado is best remembered for the modular wooden wall units designed by Cadovius. Named Royal System, the space saving exemplar of Danish modernism dominates Cadovius's legacy, even as he patented approximately 400 designs in his lifetime. Unfortunately, there is no information as to what happened to the Cado business after the 1970s.