Six reasons to love Belgium-based vintage dealer Møbelfabrik

Quick Insights

Inspired by their shared love of midcentury Danish design—especially from the 1960s—Geert Van Halewijck and his father Theo decided to go into business together. Around seven years ago, they launched Møbelfabrik, where Van Halewijck the younger focuses on sourcing and sales for the shop in Antwerp and the showroom in Beveren, while Van Halewijck the elder works his restoration magic behind the scenes to ensure all of the vintage finds are in great shape.

Today Møbelfabrik and the Van Halewijcks stay busy satisfying the insatiable demand for design classics. Since they're among Pamono’s top sellers, we wanted you to get to know them too.


1. Who is your all-time favorited designer and why?

Arne Vodder! He has made so many great designs across an array of media and categories.

2. What is your all-time favorite design and why?

The FK 6725 Chair by Fabricius & Kastholm —originally produced by Kill International but now in the collection of Walter Knoll. This rounded desk chair is simply amazing! You have to love the high quality leather and all of the details handcrafted by specialists.

3. If you could live in a historical home, what would it be and why?

A castle on a hill with great views and a big, wooden fireplace. We have spent some wonderful holidays in old castles. But we would update the interior with classic, midcentury furniture!

4. Where do you go for inspiration or to see great design?

We go all around Europe to see great design: the Stockholm Furniture Fair, numerous design and contemporary art museums, vintage markets, the Bauhaus… too many places to list.

The FK 6725 Chair inside Møbelfabrik's Antwerp showroom Photo © Møbelfabrik
5. What trends do you see emerging in the vintage market?

For a long time, we mostly sold furniture from known designers on the international market. But we recently see more sales of unknown pieces from Denmark.

6. What advice can you give to those who are new to vintage design?

Keep the quality high! Make sure pieces are authentic, especially when they are not labelled. Also, don’t get rid of pieces that develop flaws or wear. Always try to repair them first.


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