Eight contemporary lights with a golden glow

Gold Digger

The dazzle of gold has been the catalyst of crusades and the object of obsession across time and cultures. Beyond the overt financial incentives of the metal itself, there’s something that’s just so alluring about the warm richness of the color—regardless of whether that golden glow is coming off a highly polished brass, glazed ceramics, or even a lustrous metallic paper. Golden accents abound at the moment, especially in lighting design. These gilt beauties amp up the glam factor like nothing else. Here’s a checklist of some of our favorite beyond-the-ordinary contemporary lighting pieces that are sure to satisfy your gold-lust.


Concrete & Gold Triangular Pendants by GANTlights

Striking both in alone and in groups, the Concrete & Gold Triangular Pendants from Made-in-Germany lighting brand GANTlights combines a faceted raw concrete exterior with a flash of gold-plating on the inside. Brutalism with a heart of gold; these pieces prove that a touch of sparkle is a welcome addition even amidst industrial-style cool.


Copper Lights by David Derksen for Vij5

The origami-inspired Copper Lights by rising design star David Derksen for Dutch design label Vij5 are ingeniously fabricated by folding a 0.3mm-thin brass sheet into a range of sculptural, faceted pendant forms. A new take on classic midcentury modern, the look is one part vintage and one part contemporary; a little bit country and little bit rock and roll.


Bridge Lamp by Francesco Meda

The unique and architectural Bridge Lamp by Italian designer Francesco Meda is crafted from a laser-cut brass sheet that has been hand-bent into form. The luxe, high-shine finish attracts ambient light when switched off and creates an elegant luminosity when in-use thanks to its downward facing, low-consumption LED strip. Now in the permanent collection of the Triennale Design Museum, this piece is eminently collectible.


Signal Pendants by Shaun Kasperbauer for Souda

Hip, Brooklyn-based trio Souda designed the minimalist yet expressive Signal Pendant collection. Hovering in space like a celestial body, the piece emits a comforting glow thanks to warm LEDs and cleverly constructed indirect light. Another brilliant update on midcentury lighting design.


Goldies Pendant Lamps by Marco Rocco

Design Marco Rocco was born in the south of Italy, in a city is known for the ancient tradition of ceramic. His Goldies Pendant Lamps harken to the artisanal legacy of his home, evoking classic pottery forms with their graceful curves and highly reflective gold glaze. Down to earth yet playful, these suspended ceramic fixtures are perfect for streaming concentrated pools of light onto a kitchen workbench or dining area.


Johnnie Brass Lost Wax Cast Butterfly Wall Sconces by Fred&Juul

For something more romantic and whimsical, the Italian design duo Fred&Juul offer up the Johnnie Brass Lost Wax Cast Butterfly Wall Sconces, handcrafted in collaboration with master metalworkers in Tuscany. A kaleidoscope of shimmering butterflies hovers over the wall; when the light is on, their wings cast a delicate pattern of shadows across the space.


Helios Ceiling Lamps by Nicolas Brevers for Gobo Lights

The Helios Ceiling Lamps designed by French kinetic-artist-turned-lighting-designer Nicolas Brevers embody the au courant sensibility for minimalist opulence. The simple brass fittings are revved up with a matching golden halo in polished brass. These pieces are like functional sculptures; a striking decorative element that is utterly devoid of fussiness.


PLUS Polar White Origami Lamp by Orikomi

Hand-crafted from high quality paper, the PLUS Polar White Origami Lamp with Warm Gold Stripe by Portuguese brand Orikomi offers the panache of gold without the royal price tag.


*All images courtesy of the designers and makers.


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