Spotlight on Utopia & Utility’s unique tabletop accents

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Founded by siblings Pia and Moritz Wüstenberg in 2012, London-based design studio Utopia & Utility has a knack for mixing materials in charmingly organic forms, specializing in vessels and lamps that capture the light—and our hearts. We love how they marry an array of media—glass, copper, brass, wood, cork, and textured raffia—to handcraft pieces that feel at once antique and totally contemporary. 

Believing that anything that deserves to be made deserves to be made well, the designers behind Utopia & Utility have built a brand dedicated to the production of joyfully colorful tabletop accents. They always work in partnership with a handful of specialized, small-scale artisans. Creative Director and head designer Pia Wüstenberg says, "It is highly relevant to preserve skills in our society, and even more to localize production. We do our best to keep with our ethos of 'European handmade,' and the Museum Lamps are no exception." 

The studio is currently offering their Museum Lamp collection at a discounted price. Now’s the perfect time to invite one of these beauties into your home.



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