Designer Samer Alameen is making a new start and everything in his chic Milan apartment is up for grabs

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By Wava Carpenter

“After 4 years, I feel it’s time for a new move,” Samer Alameen tells me when I asked why he’s selling the posh contents of his Milan apartment. “I need constant change and new challenges. I’m working on a new bar that will be launched during Salone del Mobile, while also going into new markets like the US and Russia. But where exactly I’m going is still to be decided.”

The forty-something, Beirut-born designer has a history of making bold life changes. In fact, he became a designer only in 2012, after a long career in graphic design and advertising. “I was always intrigued by design,” Samer says, “so a few years ago I designed a chair just for self satisfaction—and the chair ended up changing my life.” Right out of the gate, his Khayzaran Chair garnered accolades from the likes of Elle Deco and AD. Within a year, he moved to Milan and enrolled in the Politecnica di Design to pursue a masters in industrial design. After graduating, he launched his eponymous studio dedicated to self-producing his own furniture, lighting, and jewelry designs.

Such adventurous joie de vivre suffuses the designs he’s created ever since. Take for example his All You Can Seat Modular Lounge. The components can be playfully arranged in a variety of ways, with results that are always charming, expressive, and dynamic. Or consider his Orgone Light for JCP Universe, the form of which is reminiscent of the bubble-blowing wands we all enjoyed when we were children. Likewise, his Eret Shelf (also produced by JCP) employs configurable metal elements inspired by erector-set toys and their invitation to be guilelessly creative.

Samer explains his approach like this: “I believe that everything has been done. I take existing objects and transform them into products. I like to create stories that trigger emotions and add life to a space. My pieces are iconic, multi-functional, conceptual and playful.”

On Wednesday this week, Samer hosted an aperitivo and apartment sale at his beautifully composed home-for-now before setting off on new things. Pamono is offering all of the key pieces right here on our website. You’re invited to join the celebration by bringing a bit of Samer’s sunny outlook into your home.


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