Globetrotting Berlin tastemaker Chris Glass shares his secret design desires

Chris’s Wish List

Handsome, charming, and sophisticated, Chris Glass is a pleasure to know. Perhaps that’s why he’s found such success in roles that rely upon his supreme hosting skills. From Soho House to his latest venture with aptm, Chris creates atmospheres and events that draw crowds and entice them to hang out and really enjoy themselves.

Over the last year, Chris has been choosing beautiful objects from the Pamono catalogue to outfit his aptm space. But with the holiday season upon us, we were curious to know if there might be some things he's coveting for his own home. Here’s what he had to say...


Gilt Palm Tree Lamp with Feathers (1980s)

“There’s nothing like a touch of kitsch to melt the most stubborn Grinch’s heart. I love the fantasy and drama in these and the shadow play they create.”


Miss Marble Levanto Jars by Lorenza Bozzoli for Editions Milano (2015)

“These jars made me believe in love at first sight. Having recently learned more about the process of cutting and polishing marble, I’m even more fascinated by them. And whether I ever put marmalade inside or not, I’d be happy enough just having them hanging out on the shelf.”


Brass Lily Candle Holders by Ivar Ålenius Björk for Ystad Metal (1960s)

“Admittedly, I’ve spent a mountain of money on candles and vessels. These are such iconic pieces that it’s only a matter of time before I give in.”


Vintage Italian Silver Champagne Bucket (1940s)

“As if bubbles are not enough, presenting my favorite bottle of Franciacorta in a lavish bucket like this makes the celebration that much more fabulous.”


Mojo Wall Amulets by Serena Confalonieri (2017)

“I’ve long enjoyed Serena’s work—which is at once both whimsical and thought inspiring. This piece renders the drabbest wall less so and conjures a sense of company when you’re home alone.”


Gilda Fringe Sofa by Lorenza Bozzoli for Editions Milano (2015)

The festive season is perhaps one of the few times I’d actually stop long enough to enjoy a piece like this—the rest of the year at least my eyes would be delighted. Whether for an afternoon nap or a sifting through my favorite design magazines, this would be a welcome piece to chill on.”


Midcentury British Teak Dressing Table (1960s)

“The best part of the holidays for me is the parties.  Sometimes getting ready for a night out is better than the night itself – a drink or two, cheerful music, another slather of hand cream.  This piece inspires that extra twenty minutes we all should take before heading out.”

Midcentury British Teak Dressing Table (1960s) Photo © Just Be Retro

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