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To Paulin & Back

Who isn't lured into the glamorous ease of the last century from time to time? Elegant and sensual, a little snobbish, but just the right amount. With champagne in hand, people marveled at the infinite expanses explored through space travel from the 1960s onwards. New technologies brought an economic upswing and left their mark on everyone: the Space Age that now dawned upon us was infiltrating all stretches of life with its chic.

The allure of the Space Age is as mysterious as the distant cosmos itself. With significant changes shaping society during the middle of the 20th century, life was finally being directed outwards: round, organic, and flowing forms embody constant progress and translate the infinite possibilities into real objects. Design is on the brink of exploring space by constantly expanding the limits of representation. It plays with the fascination of gravity and exploits new opportunities. Plastic is cast into rounded shapes. Metals create shine. People wrap themselves and the space around them in elegant shades, ranging from white and brown tones to noble black - relying on garish accents.

The Space Age gives rise to a style characterized by the shape of our future, of colors and materials never used before. And suddenly, interior design is so much more than just stringing together individual objects. The observation of nearby space merges with the
exploration of distant space to create the perfect medium for experimentation: the home of the future.

Many prolific names come to mind: from Joe Colombo, the Italian industrial designer with his bold plastic trolleys and the dreamy Elda chair, to Geoffrey Harcourt, whose Cleopatra Chaise fearlessly invites you to dream. But, inarguably, one of the most influential among all the Space Age designers was Pierre Paulin.

It is, above all, the organically shaped chairs with which Paulin decisively shaped the style and created a niche. Models such as the Mushroom Chair, Ribbon Chair, or Tongue Chair have conquered the world of interiors. Upholstered with a porous rubber and covered with elastic material, they perfectly fit the aesthetically curved shapes to create the wonderful feeling of weightlessness - one that all of us crave, especially in today’s hectic world.

The collection To Paulin & Back pays homage to my favorite designer of all time. It tells of precisely this imperishable weightlessness, whose aesthetics have lost nothing of their appeal to this day. Design is the sole proof of timelessness: it can overcome the boundaries of the material world. Explore a collection of timeless pieces that resemble a journey - not only for our eyes but rather for all our senses.

BB Coyle

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