Vintage Rolf Benz is having a moment, but honestly it never goes out of style

Timelessly Au Courant

On the edge of the Black Forest lies the workshops of Rolf Benz . Within Germany, the nearly-60-year-old furniture brand is synonymous with luxury, style, and craftsmanship. And beyond the German borders, those who are in-the-know know the value of Rolf Benz as well.

Dedicated to creating furniture that’s modern, modular, adaptable, and comfortable, Herr Rolf Benz was a master upholsterer who launched his eponymous company in 1964. Over the decades, the brand’s stature has climbed higher and higher, and today it’s still going strong. Some say that a Rolf Benz sofa is a must-have among certain strata of well-heeled European society.

With such a passionate fanbase, it’s surprising that vintage Rolf Benz furniture hasn't really caught on. But this year, the emerging market has taken off, and vintage Rolf Benz tables, chairs, and sofas—especially leather sofas—are attracting younger buyers who may not be ready yet to invest in the brand-new versions.

One of our favorite sources for vintage Rolf Benz is Revive Interior, a Cologne-based vintage dealer that sources and refurbishes furniture from major brands. If you’re on the hunt for pristine vintage seating, Revive Vintage should be on your radar.

And in case you need a bit more inspiration, scroll through the slideshow above to peruse a few vintage Rolf Benz pieces that embody all the qualities that are generating so much buzz at the moment.