Pamono's best selling budget-friendly vintage MidMod designs

Bang for the Buck

By Rachel Miller

"It is great wealth to a soul to live frugally with a contented mind."

—Roman poet and philosopher Lucretius 


As editors, we review thousands of unique designs on a weekly basis, which allows us to discover some great buys in the vintage design market. We believe that great design doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and to prove it we have collected some of our favorite vintage midcentury modern design finds that won’t break the bank. These pieces represent some of Pamono's best-selling categories that are easy on your wallet, but still pack a punch.

Go on, design lovers, get more vintage bang for your buck! 


Unattributed 1960s-Era Upholstered Armchair

Photo © Retrouge
Armchairs are a must, but they can get pretty pricey. But fear not! Many unattributed upholstered Scandinavian style armchairs, velvet club chairs, as well as Zanuso-inspired Italian lounge chairs are available at affordable prices. Take this anonymously designed armchair from the 1960s for example. It's the perfect shade of yellow to bring an atmosphere of good cheer. Pro tip: if you're looking for deals on attributed vintage pieces, keep an eye out for armchairs from designers Giancarlo Piretti, Ingmar Relling, and Yngve Ekström.


1950s-Era Italian Modern Rattan Easy Chair

  Photo © Hans & Hans - Classic Furnishings

Thanks to their incredible versatility, rattan chairs will always be a hit. Whether styled in a boho-chic interior, an industrial style loft, or on the patio surrounded by lush greenery, you really can’t go wrong. For a Scandi-inspired look, try draping a sheepskin over the chair. Oh, the possibilities! Pro Tip: to broaden your hunt for furniture made of natural materials, be sure to search for terms like wicker, cane, reed, and bamboo.


1960s-Era Armchair by Ilmari Tapiovaara

Photo © Vintage Addict sprl
Dining and side chairs by Finnish designer Ilmari Tapiovaara and similarly unattributed spindle-back and "Windsor" chairs have been selling like hotcakes recently—likely due to their affordability. While this armchair by Tapiovaara bears a striking resemblance to his more famous Mademoiselle Chair, you can achieve the same design vibe for almost half the price! What’s not to love?


1970s-Era Teak Book Shelves from G-Plan

Photo © Pod96
While buying unattributed pieces is one way to keep costs lower, there is still a wide selection of attributed designs in the storage and shelving categories that are pretty affordable. The vintage market is chocked full of pieces from British furniture manufactory G-Plan at very reasonable prices. While their sideboards are slightly more—though still relatively inexpensive compared to Danish producers from the same era—smaller pieces such as their bookshelves and coffee tables are a true steal! 


Modular Metal Shelving Wall System with Lamp by A. D. Dekker for Tomado

Photo © Cencity
We’ve seen an increase in sales for lacquered metal shelves over the past few months. These modular shelves by A.D. Dekker for Tomado, in particular, have become highly sought after. Not only is the price just right, but the versions finished in the primary colors (associated with the Dutch De Stijl movement) are super fun! To top it off, they are height-adjustable, allowing you to customize the shelves to suit your exact storage needs. Pro tip: look for String shelving by  to find even more affordable options in a similar style.


Anonymous 1960s-era Teak Accent Table

Photo © Mid Century Friends
If you're in the market for a coffee or side table, we suggest looking at pieces that are veneered.  While veneer tends to get a bad rap in the furniture world because the wood underneath is often thought to be “cheap," this is not necessarily true for vintage furniture. And in fact, more and more contemporary designers are using veneer today as a means to carry out new furniture effects rather than as a means to cut production costs. The warmth of the teak veneer on this Danish side table from the 1960s, for example, is just as powerful as if the table was made of solid teak, but for a heavily discounted price.


Midcentury Modern Striped Kidney Table

Photo © Mighty Vintage
If you're looking for something a bit smaller that still has a lot of character, then look no further than this charming, graphic kidney-shaped accent table. We’ve recently seen a huge increase in kidney-shaped side tables. These cuties make the perfect complement to any interior. They especially make great plant stands!


Vintage Astro Coffee Table from G-Plan

Photo © Legrand Gautier
The Astro range of tables from G-Plan is a bestseller among our customers. Designed by British furniture designer Viktor Wilkins, these classics were inspired by Scandinavian modernism and come in an assortment of teak silhouettes. While the nesting tables from this range are the most affordable, the teak and glass coffee tables are a more affordable option to Isamu Noguchi’s IN-50 coffee table (1944), which is highly reminiscent of and is among Wilkins’ most collectible designs.


1960s-Era Pendant Lamp by Poul Henningsen for Louis Poulsen

Photo © Vintage Furniture Base
If you're anything like us, then you have probably had your eye on one of Poul Henningsen's famous Artichoke lamps for a while. His PH5 Pendant Lamp for Louis Poulsen is a great way to get the same subtle curves and sexy Scandi ambiance without breaking the bank. Pro tip: for a similar style, look for ceiling lights and pendants by Jo HammerborgCarl Thore, Bonderup & Thorup, and Hans-Arne Jakobsson.  


1950s-Era German Modernist Spider Lamp

Photo © 19 West Furniture
Unattributed midcentury lighting is another way to be completely unique without spending a lot. While many different styles fall within this category—think reduced forms, sculptural silhouettes, and minimalist detailing—Space Age, sputnik-style chandeliers are on trend. Take this 1950s chandelier for example. While its form is reminiscent of designs from Italian lighting manufacturer Stilnovo, you are guaranteed that none of your friends will have anything like it in their homes.


1960s-Era Industrial-Style Wall Light,

Photo © G4design
Looking for something a bit edgier? Industrial is the way to go. Desk lamps designed by Josef Hurka, Bauhaus designer Christian Dell, and various vintage ceiling lights that have been sourced from old factories are some of our top budget-friendly best sellers. 

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